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Sauce filling and sealing machine

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  Sauce is fragrant and delicious, which is favored by the majority of the people. The sauce is usually concentrated with several nutritious and delicious materials, processed and packaged by secret sauce. Now the common products in the market are soybean sauce, sweet sauce, etc. The packaging of these two products need to use the filling and sealing machine for filling and sealing. The product automatic filling and sealing machine for soy sauce is a machine with high degree of automation and can realize the filling and sealing production of soy sauce by itself. It has wide application range, strong operability, fast speed, stable performance and excellent quality. It is a kind of mechanical equipment worthy of being owned by sauce manufacturers.
  Sauce filling and sealing machine video:
  Working principle of the equipment:
  The automatic filling and sealing machine fills the processed sauce into the required packaging container through the automatic filling device, and then draws out the air in the packaging container through the vacuum pumping device, and then positions the container with the photoelectric device, and then seals the product. The whole process is completed automatically with high working efficiency.
  Equipment performance:
  The machine adopts FESTO pneumatic control system from Germany, PLC, photoelectric, temperature control, vacuum pumping device, and automatically completes filling, sealing, code spraying and other operations. The performance of the machine is shown in the following aspects:
  1. It has strong applicability and can seal containers of different shapes. When sealing, the device can automatically adjust the size of sealing according to different shapes of containers, which is convenient and quick;
  2. The machine is a fully automatic production equipment. When processing and producing, it can automatically complete the required operations and save labor;
  3. The sealing device is composed of electrical and electronic control system, photoelectric induction system, sealing seal structure, speed control transmission structure, etc., which can make the product sealed tightly, maintain the quality of the product and avoid the loss of nutrients
  4. The self-contained spray code device can print the production date and batch number on the processed products, which can save the time of separate code spraying operation after the product packaging is completed, and make the whole production process more effective.
  Technical parameters of equipment:
  Sealing film: plastic film, composite film, aluminum foil film;
  Overall dimension: 3600 × 800 × 1800mm
  Motor power: 1.5kw
  Heating power: 6kw
  Production capacity: 3000-8000 cups / h
  Applicable pressure: 0.6-0.8mpa
  Total weight: 1200kg

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