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Mask packing machine

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  Disposable mask packaging machine is mainly used for disposable mask packaging. The double belt servo drive is selected for film pulling, which has smooth operation, small resistance, low wear degree of belt, tight and beautiful packaging of finished products, and good effect. The servo driven mode can make the packaging positioning accuracy higher, the packaging size specifications improve the accuracy, and only manual feeding is needed, which greatly reduces the belt wear Less labor intensity.
Mask packing machine
  Scope of application:
  It is mainly used for the packaging of mask products, such as plane mask, disposable mask and inner ear edge mask.
  Specification parameters:
  Packing speed: 30-200 bags / min
  Bag size length: (L) 100-400mm width (W) 35-160mm height (H) 5-60 / 75mm
  Total power 3.5kw
  Overall dimension length (L) 4300 mm width (W) 950mm height (H) 1600mm
  Weight 800kg
  7. Membrane width 9-380mm
  Product advantages:
  The color touch screen displays the information directly, the adjustment is convenient and quick, and the problem self inspection displays the information
  The temperature of each sealing position is independently controlled, suitable for various packaging materials, and the sealing is neat and firm
  The imported color code detector makes the color code inspection more accurate. The screen, straight and vertical seal can be selected at will.
  Bag length does not need to be set manually. It is automatically detected in the operation of facilities and automatically set by the system
  Mask packaging machine PLC / DP control, easy maintenance, long service life
  Automatic tracking and packaging of high light induction electric eye system

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