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How to use the automatic cartoning machine to last longer?

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  We know that the different location of the box cover leads to different packaging methods. The common packaging methods are plug-in and reverse plug-in, and these ways will have a great relationship with the die-cutting board. No matter the accuracy of the die-cutting board or the effect of less cutting on the carton packaging effect, so when selecting a suitable high-quality die-cutting board.
automatic cartoning machine
  An important step is to open the box after the box is sucked. Some equipment will add an auxiliary mechanism to open the box, so that the force of the machine will not be too large to cause the box to be folded and deform. The paper effect can prevent the box from deformation when opening the box.
  The quality of the carton here refers to the stiffness of the carton. When opening the carton, the carton is straight and square, and the packing effect is more neat and atmospheric. The soft and collapsed carton will cause the machine to jam during moving. The quality of the carton and the carton stiffness on the surface of the carton can be referred to.
  The automatic box loading machine is made of high hygiene, and the equipment is equipped with transparent dust cover, which can be opened and guaranteed the hygiene of the production process at will without preventing the operation and watching of the equipment, which is more convenient. The forms of cartoning machines may be different, but the benefits to manufacturers are obvious. However, how to use the automatic cartoner for a longer time is also a concern of many people. Here are some ways to use the automatic cartoner for a longer time.
  The automatic cartoning machine should always be kept clean and tidy. In case of looseness and abnormal movement of the moving parts, the machine should be stopped for repair in time to avoid major equipment damage accidents.
  Most of the equipment is driven by rolling bearings, and oil is not needed at ordinary times. If one shift system, remove and wash all rolling bearings and transmission boxes once a year. When removing and cleaning, clean it first, and then add new lubricating grease. Add oil once a shift. The propel guide rod is kept clean and needs no oil. All electrical components installed on the equipment shall be inspected regularly and replaced in time if found. Please refer to the electrical operation manual for details.
  In the process of adjustment and maintenance, the fastening screws of the parts and components to be adjusted or repaired shall be loosened first, and then the adjustment or maintenance shall be carried out. Hard knocking and prying are not allowed to avoid damaging the motion accuracy of parts and components.

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