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How to debug inner ear mask machine?

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  The automatic inner ear mask machine uses ultrasonic welding method. When the mask is turned to the processing position, the, The ultrasonic wave is generated automatically. The vibration of micro amplitude and high frequency is generated on the ear band, which is quickly converted into heat. After melting the material to be processed, the ear band is permanently pasted or embedded in the inner side of the mask body. It is a processing process for the production of inner ear band mask. Only one manager is required to place the mask body piece by piece in the mask disc, and the equipment will automatically perform the follow-up action until the end of the finished product operation,Disposable inner ear mask is a very common kind of mask in life. There are many manufacturers of inner ear mask machine, so how to debug inner ear mask machine?
inner ear mask machine
  1、 Turn on the start stop switch and power switch, and the built-in light of the power switch is on.
  2、 Adjust the air pressure. The air pressure valve is under the operating table. Open the door plate of the equipment to find the air pressure valve. Adjust the pressure according to the specific situation. When some mechanisms are not synchronized, adjust the pressure. The operating air pressure is generally adjusted in the range of 0.2 ~ 0.6MPa.
  3、 When the equipment is out of operation, turn on the power switch of ultrasonic generator and press the "sound wave test" switch. If the indicator of amplitude display rises sharply and exceeds 100, it means that the frequency is too far from the resonance point, and the "sound wave adjustment" knob must be adjusted. Visual amplitude display: press the "sound wave test" detection switch with the left hand (no more than 3 seconds), and turn the "sound wave adjustment" knob with the right hand to adjust the pointer of the amplitude display to the low point. When adjusting, if the indicator of amplitude display is not falling but rising, turn the "sound wave adjustment" knob in the opposite direction. The amplitude display indicator reading is less than 50, and the ammeter indicator reading is below 0.6A, which is a good working state. After adjusting the sound wave, tighten the butterfly nut and close the protective cover.
  4、 Check the cooling fan to check whether the cooling fan is in normal operation, so as to ensure that the ultrasonic transducer can operate for a long time.

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