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Classification of mask machines

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1. Face mask manufacturing machine
The plane mask manufacturing machine includes: plane mask body manufacturing machine, plane mask inner ear belt automatic welding machine, mask outer ear belt welding machine, mask bandage welding machine, etc.
Face mask body manufacturing machine: it is a kind of machine for producing flat mask. The operation from raw material feeding to inserting nose beam line, then folding and cutting finished products is a line of automatic operation, which saves labor and time. The production capacity of the machine is at least 180 pieces / min. the standard size of mask is 175mm (L) × 95mm (W). Other specifications can be made according to customer requirements.
Automatic welding machine for inner ear band of plane mask: it is a semi-automatic machine which can weld the elastic belt on the left and right sides of the mask body after the plane mask body, and automatically wrap the edge, so as to complete a complete semi-automatic machine for ear band mask.
Mask external ear band welding machine: after the mask body, the elastic belt is fused on the left and right sides of the mask body to complete a complete semi-automatic machine with external ear mask.
Mask bandage welding machine: after the plane mask body, the non-woven cloth strips are fused on the left and right sides of the mask body to complete a complete semi-automatic machine with long mask.
mask machines
2. Stereo mask manufacturing machine (cup type mask machine)
Compared with plane mask, stereo mask also includes body manufacturing machine and ear electric welding machine.
Butterfly three-dimensional mask manufacturing machine / duckbill (T-shaped) three-dimensional mask body manufacturing machine: it is an automatic three-dimensional mask manufacturing machine with filter cloth layer. From the raw material feeding to the finished product completion, it is a line of automatic operation, with the maximum production capacity of 80 pieces / min. the cutter wheel and welding wheel can be easily replaced to produce three-dimensional masks of different sizes and models. The ear band of the mask is elastic non-woven fabric, which makes the wearer's ear comfortable without pressure. The filter cloth layer of the mask has good filtering effect and can be applied to high pollution industries.
Luxury table spot welding machine: This machine is used for manual welding of ear belt after the mask body. It is easy to operate. Skilled workers can weld 8-10 pieces of ear strap per minute, which is used for three-dimensional mask.
3. Special shaped mask machine
The conventional mask machine can be divided into plane mask machine, cup type mask machine and special-shaped mask machine. What is a special mask machine? The special-shaped mask machine is mainly made by multi-layer non-woven fabric and filter layer, and through the process of folding, cutting and sewing. The difference between the special-shaped mask machine and the plane mask machine is that the cup type mask machine is mainly a folding type mask, and the two layers of welded masks need to be stretched to weld the upper ear band. At the same time, some masks with strange shapes can also be used as special masks.
So, how many different types of mask machines can be divided into? There are two ways to divide them into categories.
1、 Folding type, common are trapezoidal mask machine, butterfly mask machine, duck mouth mask machine, fish type mask machine. These mask machines are manufactured by folding process.
2、 The appearance is strange. There are two kinds of mask machines on the market, i.e. ship type mask machine and pig mouth mask machine. Because of their strange shapes, they need to make a non-standard mask machine before they can be customized.

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