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Detailed description of drug cartoning machine

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  Detailed description of drug cartoning machine
  The medicine packing machine also has additional functions such as affixing sealing labels or heat shrinkable wrapping. The feeding process of automatic cartoning machine is generally divided into three entrances: instruction, medicine bottle and package box. The whole process from package box feeding to final packaging can be roughly divided into four stages: lower box, open, load and seal box. The operation of lowering the box is usually to draw a box from the feeding port of the box by a suction cup, and then to the main line of loading the box. The paper box is fixed by a guide clamp and opened by a push plate. After filling in the filling area, insert the tongue into the box and fasten the lock catch.
Detailed description of drug cartoning machine
  Main technical parameters:
  Production capacity: 50-70 boxes / min
  Box size: (100-220) × (30-125) × (30-30) mm
  Specification size: (70-200) × (70-140) mm
  Power: 50Hz 380V 1.5kw
  Gas consumption: 10-15l / min
  Vacuum suction: - 0.6MPa (with vacuum generator)
  Weight: about 1100kg
  Boundary dimension: 2500 * 1100 * 1700mm
  Carton requirements: 250-350g / m2
  Comparison and characteristics:
  Compared with other cartoning machines, the special points of the medical cartoning machine are as follows:
  ·Need to insert drug instructions;
  ·The paper box should be printed with production date, product batch number, expiry date, etc. (such as supervision code of special drugs);
  ·Counting and statistics of cartoning (shall meet the counting and distribution requirements in article 4703 of GMP certification, inspection and evaluation standard);
  ·Quality inspection of drugs in inner packaging;
  ·It can adapt to the requirements of changing batches / times. For other cartoning machines, these special points need not be fully achieved.

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