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N95 cup mask machine

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  N95 cup mask machine includes: Cup mask forming machine, cup mask mask machine, rotary table cup mask welding and slicing machine, cup mask breathing valve punching machine, cup mask nose line laminating machine, cup mask ear belt spot welding machine, cup mask monochrome pad printing machine, cup mask breathing valve welding machine, etc.
N95 cup mask machine
  1. Cup mask forming machine
  The cup type mask forming machine can automatically complete multiple processes from feeding to one-time forming, cutting and returning. Compared with the traditional manual feeding, returning and cutting, it can save 3-5 manpower, and can produce 30-36 masks per minute. It adopts PLC control system, touch screen setting, simple and fast operation, and can be used by a single person, only manual discharging and taking. The production efficiency has been greatly improved.
  2. Cup mask mask machine
  Cup mask machine is also called slicer. It mainly uses the principle of ultrasonic cutting and automatic welding edge sealing to complete the special cutting and welding of slice. The machine solves the shortcomings of traditional lace machine, such as inaccurate positioning, inaccurate size control, low production efficiency and high labor cost. It integrates many processes such as discharging, roller drawing, ultrasonic cutting, waste separation, finished product slicing, which greatly improves production efficiency, reduces production cost, makes products more standardized, quality more stable and appearance more beautiful.
  3. Rotary table type cup mask welding and slicing machine
  Rotary table type cup mask edge welding and punching machine mainly uses the principle of ultrasonic welding and automatic edge sealing to complete the welding and punching process of cup mask edge. The machine creatively combines the two previously completely independent processes of cup-shaped mask edge melting and punching. The multi station rotary table is equipped with a cutting device at the same time of welding. The two heads of welding and cutting work at the same time. PLC control system and touch screen are adopted. The operation is simple and convenient. It can be used by a single person and a single machine. Only workers need to put and take materials, which can greatly save labor and make the cup The production of type a mask is simpler and faster.
  4. Cup type respirator valve punching machine
  The cup type respirator is used to punch the front end of the respirator. The foot switch is adopted. The operation is simple. The punching size and the mold of the respirator can be designed according to the customer's requirements. It is an ideal punching equipment for the production of respirator with the respirator.
  5. Cup mask nose line laminating machine
  This machine is mainly used to glue the nose line of the cup mask instead of the traditional manual fitting. The machine uses pneumatic principle to move and auxiliary heating device. It is the ideal equipment for N95 / cup / stereo / dust mask manufacturing industry.
  6. Cup type mask ear belt spot welder
  Cup mask ear belt spot welding machine is mainly used for welding plane, inner ear belt / outer ear belt, cup mask, duck mouth and other special-shaped masks. The machine adopts original transducer, stable output, high-quality component assembly, reliable performance, smart design and convenient operation. It is mainly applicable to the design of N95 mask (cup mask, dust mask, duck mouth mask, plane mask, etc.) ear band spot welding, with high production efficiency, simple operation and stable quality;
  7. Cup mask monochrome pad printer
  The cup mask monochrome pad printer is used for printing the cup mask logo.
  8. Cup respirator valve welding machine
  Cup type respirator valve welding machine is used for the welding of cup type respirator valve.

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