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Inner ear mask machine

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  Machine introduction
  Ultrasonic inner ear mask machine uses ultrasonic welding method, when the mask is moved to the processing position, Ultrasonic wave is generated automatically, which forms micro amplitude and high frequency vibration on the ear belt, and instantly converts it into heat, melts the materials to be processed, and finally makes the ear belt permanently pasted or embedded in the inner side of the mask body, which is the last processing process of inner ear belt mask production. Only one operator needs to place the body piece of the mask in the mask plate, and the subsequent actions will be completed by the designer Standby automatic operation.
Inner ear mask machine
  Machine parameters
  Machine size: 1915 (L) × 855 (W) × 1780 (H) mm
  Voltage: 220V, 1or 3 phase
  Capacity: 40-50pcs / min
  Power consumption: 6kw
  Air pressure: 6kg / cm2
  Frequency: 20KHz
  Machine features
  1. The machine is compact and does not occupy space.
  2. The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful, firm and not embroidered.
  3. High stability and low failure rate.
  4. Photoelectric detection to reduce the error rate.
  5. The ultrasonic Taiwan system of this machine, Japanese transducer, has stable performance and convenient operation.
  Working process of ultrasonic inner ear mask machine:
  Working process: (mask body) manual feeding → automatic feeding of ear belt → ultrasonic ear belt welding → non-woven fabric side feeding and binding → ultrasonic side belt welding → side belt cutting → finished product output → counting → finished product stacking → conveyor belt device delivery.

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