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Liquid cup filling and sealing machine

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  The liquid cup filling and sealing machine has the functions of automatic cup dropping, filling and filling, sterilization, strong cooling, photoelectric tracking, sealing (capping), automatic core shearing and waste film recycling. The machine has high automation, good sealing strength, reasonable structure and high production efficiency. It is suitable for all kinds of imported and domestic aluminum plastic, PP, PE, CPP and other composite drum packaging sealing materials. The liquid, solid, powder and granule filling machine designed on the basis of digesting and absorbing the similar equipment at home and abroad can adapt to the automatic filling equipment of various granular materials and various tank types. The volume of the telescopic quantitative tank can be adjusted, and the filling can be controlled by PLC and frequency conversion.
Liquid filling sealing machine
  Liquid filling sealing machine video:
  Parameters of liquid cup filling and sealing machine:
  Packing speed: 3000-4000 cups / h
  Sealing film width: 200 mm
  Filling capacity: 0-35ml
  Use socket-50hz: v3803:4
  Motor power: 0.75kw
  Heating power: 3kw
  Working pressure: 0.5mpa-0.75: MPa
  Maximum gas consumption: 0.45m3/m
  Overall dimension: 320 × 110 × 170cm
  Machine weight: about1000kg
  detailed description:
  Unique design, reasonable structure, stable performance, easy operation, simple maintenance and convenient cleaning.
  Human machine interface touch type intelligent operation panel, each function display, simple and easy to operate.
  Secondary sealing ensures sealing quality.
  The sealing position is corrected automatically by electric eye, and the film printing is accurate.
  The paper reeler adopts handwheel to automatically align the center and brake, so the paper change is easy, fast and convenient.
  The amount of filling is adjusted without any adjustment, accurate and quantitative, no foam, no filling and no leakage, and storage tank level control.
  The finished product is output in whole column automatically.
  This series of machines are made of famous electrical appliances and transmission components at home and abroad. According to the needs of users, a code printer can be installed.
  Food grade stainless steel structure is adopted for the parts contacting with materials, which meets the food hygiene standard.
  Applicable cup types: round mouth cup, peach shaped cup, panda cup, heart-shaped cup, butterfly cup, and special-shaped cup can also be customized.
  Fully automatic operation, can be connected with other peripheral equipment.
  Automatic, cup dropping, UV sterilization, filling, coding, one-time sealing, photoelectric pattern correction, secondary sealing, cup cap cutting, discharging and other processes.

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