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Cleaning method of liquid filling capping machine

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  Automatic liquid filling and capping machine is used to fill all kinds of liquids, including all kinds of drinks, pharmaceuticals and so on. Because the filling is liquid, the container of automatic liquid filling and capping machine must be kept clean, and the filling container used must be strictly inspected and cleaned to prevent the beverage after filling from being contaminated.
liquid filling capping machine
  In addition to the cleaning of automatic liquid filling capping machine, it is also necessary to keep the filling workshop clean and tidy. Because in the production process, Zui taboo due to the filling capping machine itself quality problems caused by the production line can not run normally, so in the use of filling capping machine should pay attention to sterilization, ensure clean, low temperature filling.
  The main methods to ensure cleanliness are as follows:
  Keep the pipes of automatic liquid filling and capping machine clean. All pipes, especially those that are in direct or indirect contact with materials, should be kept clean. They should be washed every week, drained water every day, and sterilized every time. To ensure that the filling and capping machine is clean, the material tank should be scrubbed and sterilized to ensure that the parts contacting with materials are free of scale and miscellaneous bacteria.
  To ensure the biological stability of bottled drinks in the production process, sterilization is the method. It is necessary to control the sterilization time and temperature to ensure the final effect of Zui. It is also necessary to avoid too long sterilization time or too high temperature to reduce the oxidation of beverage. After sterilization, it should be cooled as soon as possible to make the temperature not more than 35 ℃. Low temperature filling is a low requirement for beverage filling Zui. Under normal circumstances, the beverage is not easy to foam in low temperature environment, and is conducive to filling.
  Before each operation of the filling and capping machine, 0 ~ 1 ℃ water should be used to lower the temperature of the filling and capping machine trough and conveying pipe. When the filling temperature exceeds 4 ℃, the temperature should be reduced first and then the filling operation can be carried out. By using the heat preservation tank and constant temperature filling, the material can be kept at a certain constant temperature within the specified time of filling, so as to avoid unstable operation of the filling and capping machine due to excessive temperature change. In addition, the filling equipment should be isolated from other equipment. The lubricating part of the capping machine and the filling material part should be prevented from cross contamination. The lubrication of the conveyor belt should use special soapy water or lubricating oil.

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