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Toothpaste cartoning machine video

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  Toothpaste cartoning machine video:
  This machine adopts the joint venture brand PLC programmable controller Photoelectric monitoring and testing machine and carton parts action, in case of any abnormality, can automatically stop the machine and display the cause of the fault, so as to eliminate the fault in time. The machine can be used alone, and can also be connected with other packaging machines, such as manipulator, three-dimensional packaging machine, vertical bag packaging machine, assembly machine, automatic filling machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer and other mechanical equipment to form a complete set of production Line usage.
  Moreover, it has the functions of automatic stop when the product is not in place or the material is blocked, automatic alarm when there is no carton, no product is not opened, automatic display of fault on the touch screen, stop alarm, and display of machine operation and maintenance mode.
  Power supply: AC220V 50Hz plug box 0.75KW (gluing box 4.5kw):
  Production speed: 60-180 boxes / min (depending on product and carton type)
  Total gas consumption: 40m3 / h (pressure 0.5-0.8mpa)
  Use air source: pressure 0.5-0.8mpa
  Carton quality: 250-400g
  Suitable for paper box: l130-200 w30-60 h20-70
  Machine size: 2390x1524x1641mm
  Machine weight: about 1300kg
  Packaging process: manual feeding is required at the front end of the conveyor belt of the machine; then, the conveyor belt automatically delivers materials to the designated position to respond to the automatic opening of the cardboard bin and the completion of the forming packaging of the feeding, folding, folding and inserting boxes.

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