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toothpaste filling and sealing machine video

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  toothpaste filling and sealing machine video:
  The toothpaste filling and sealing machine can be used for multiple purposes. It can automatically fill plastic tubes, aluminum tubes, lead tubes and composite tubes with different requirements for edge folding or end sealing. It can automatically complete pipe supply, benchmarking, hose internal cleaning, filling, end sealing (edge folding), coding, finished product export servo control. The operation data and adjustment are displayed on the touch mode display screen. It can be operated directly and measured accurately. The inner wall of the tube is three-layer instantaneous heating No damage to the rubber film on the outer wall of the tube, beautiful product tail sealing, no tube filling, low pressure automatic display alarm, automatic shutdown when the tube is not in place or the protective door is opened.
  Suitable for materials: cosmetic, food, medicine, adhesive, grease cream, ointment, cream, gel and other materials.

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