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aluminum tube filling and sealing machine

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  • aluminum tube filling and sealing machine
  • Tail sealing
  • Outlet tube
  Many processes of aluminum tube filling and sealing machine, such as pipe loading, positioning, filling and sealing, batch number printing, and finished product pipe exit, are automatically completed by machinery, so as to achieve the separation of human and machine in operation and production, and minimize the pollution caused by human factors. The full-automatic filling and sealing machine adopts a large capacity hose silo. After the hose is automatically adjusted, the automatic pipe loading device is inserted into the positioning die, and is erected Carve to fill. After filling, the hose can be sealed in 1s at the shortest time, and the whole process is carried out in a closed environment, which reduces the indoor environment pollution of drugs.
aluminum tube filling and sealing machine
  During the use of the equipment, due to the change of materials and batch change, the original filling system needs to be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sterilized. The machine adopts a filling system which can be completely, quickly and disassembled in parts, making the cleaning of the system easier. The barrel adopts a conical and smooth structure. The filling valve has no dead angle after disassembly, which makes the cleaning more thorough.
  Video of aluminum tube filling and sealing machine:
  Parameters of aluminum tube filling and sealing machine:
  Power supply AC: 220V / 50Hz (380V)
  Filling range: 60-250ml
  Working speed: 40-100 times / min
  Filling accuracy: ± 1%
  Operating weight: 1000kg
  Pipe diameter: 10-50mm
  Pipe length: 80-250mm
  Compressed air: 0.55-0.65mpa 0.1m3/min
  Heat seal power: 3kw
  Machine size: 2620 * 1020 * 1980
  Structural features:
  Reasonable structure design
  The machine fully embodies the design thought of advanced, reliable and reasonable requirements for pharmaceutical equipment by GMP, pays attention to people first and reduces the human factors in the process of equipment utilization. Automatic feeding of the tube, automatic positioning of the tube direction, filling machine, edge folding and tail sealing, batch number printing, finished product exit, adopting linkage design, all actions are completed synchronously.
  Intuitive operation of equipment
  The setting of heating temperature, equipment production speed, fault display and completed workload are directly displayed on the operation panel, and the adjustment of equipment working parameters can be directly completed on the panel. The operation platform is equipped with plexiglass windows, and the overall open design of the equipment enables the operator to easily observe the operation of the detection equipment at any time.
  Tail sealing structure with easy function adjustment
  The machine is equipped with different manipulators, which can complete the sealing work of two fold, three fold and saddle shaped fold end of all aluminum pipes and other metal pipes. The shape and size of sealing tail can be adjusted conveniently and accurately according to the needs of users.
  Fully meet the requirements of filling process for drugs
  The machine has compact structure, the minimum time from filling to end sealing can reach 1s, and can complete complex end sealing forms.
  Ensure that the filling process is not contaminated. The contact materials between the machine and medicine are all made of high-quality stainless steel, and the contact surface is fully polished.
  High filling accuracy. This machine adopts the reliable piston type quantitative filling valve, which is convenient and reliable for the adjustment of filling quantity and has high accuracy of filling quantity.
  It is easy to disassemble the filling components. The hopper valve body, piston and injection head can be disassembled quickly, which is easy to clean, disinfect and sterilize.
  When filling, the injection nozzle can be extended into the pipe, which can ensure effective injection and prevent the phenomenon of material liquid sticking to the pipe wall and affecting the sealing.
  The air blowing device is installed to prevent the strong viscous liquid from pulling out the filament and affecting the sealing and filling accuracy.
  The operation part of the tail sealing manipulator adopts the fully sealed ball bearing, and the upper and lower sliding shafts of the machine table adopt the self-lubricating bearing. The transmission is reliable without vibration, noise and pollution.
  The automatic filling and sealing machine adopts the frequency conversion stepless speed regulation system, the work operation is coordinated and linked control, which can obtain higher production speed. The pneumatic control system is equipped with precision filter, and maintains a certain stable pressure.
  The main transmission system is equipped with a safety clutch, which can effectively realize fault overload protection.
  High efficiency and energy-saving production capacity. The transmission system of the machine is reliable, the filling precision is high, the sealing form is advanced, and the production capacity is effectively improved.
  Beautiful shape, easy to clean. The machine is beautiful in appearance, polished and refined with stainless steel, compact in structure, easy to clean the table top, fully in line with the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical production.

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