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compound tube filling and sealing

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  • composite tube filling and sealing machine
  • Tail sealing
  • workbench
  The compound tube filling and sealing machine is mainly used for one-time transmission principle. The indexing mechanism is used to drive the rotary table equipped with clamps to make intermittent movement, and complete a series of functions such as automatic filling, internal and external heating, tail sealing, coding, trimming, finished product exit, etc. The filling measurement is accurate, the heating time is stable, adjustable, the tail sealing appearance is beautiful, neat, firm, sanitary, and the cutting edge is flat. The machine is set to 10 stations, which can be completed automatically except for manual tube loading. The whole machine runs stably and reliably without noise and other pollution.
composite tube filling and sealing machine
  All contact materials and some relevant parts of the machine are made of high-quality stainless steel, and quick change device is used for cleaning parts, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning. All the plastic tube and composite tube used as packaging materials can be safely selected. It is the best choice for cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, adhesive industry, shoe polish industry and other related industries.
  Video of composite tube filling and sealing machine:
  Parameters of compound tube filling and sealing machine:
  Power supply voltage: (V / Hz) AC 220 / 50 110 / 60
  Hose material: composite tube, plastic tube
  Hose diameter: 10-50mm
  Hose length: 20-250mm (customizable)
  Power: (W) 4kw
  Gas source (MPA): 0.6-0.8 (MPA)
  Filling range: (ML) 3-30 5-75 50-500 (ML)
  Air consumption (m 3 / min) 0.3 (m³/ min)
  Measurement accuracy ± 1%
  Production capacity 30-60 (PCS / min)
  Boundary dimension (L × w × h) (mm) 260 × 1020 × 1930mm
  Net weight (kg) 700
  working principle:
  Place the hose to be filled in order on the large capacity hose silo. Through the automatic tube feeding device, the hose will be automatically inserted into the positioning die after the whole row. The positioning die will rotate with the rotary table and stay at different positions. Put the paste that needs to be filled into the obtainable cone-shaped material barrel. Through the piston type quantitative filling valve directly connected with the material barrel, accurately and automatically fill the hose that stays on the filling station intermittently, the large plate continues to rotate, quickly bring the hose that has been filled with paste to different sealing stations, and the manipulator of each station immediately seals the tube tail. Different filling capacity can be obtained by adjusting the capacity regulating table. Different folding forms such as two folding, three folding and saddle folding can be completed by changing different manipulators. After the end sealing is completed, the typing code manipulator will automatically print the production date, production batch number and other characters on the end of the tube, and the finished product tube will be automatically sent into the container after the automatic tube out structure.

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