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Hose filling and sealing machine

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  • Hose filling and sealing machine
  • Photoelectric benchmarking
  • Filling head
  Hose filling and sealing machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other industries. It is a special equipment for filling and sealing sticky objects such as ointment, toothpaste, shoe oil and so on.
  The filling, sealing, tooth pressing, transposition and positioning of the machine are based on the principle of mechatronics. The work procedures of closing, pressing, filling, (heat sealing) edge holding, pressing teeth, ejector pin, etc. are completed by synchronous actions such as gear, swing rod, exchange positioning, etc. the mechanical action is output by the same power to ensure the integration of actions and improve the reliability and stability of actions. The power is controlled by frequency conversion system and adjusted according to different filling quantity and hose types. The filling system is controlled by plunger type one-way valve, with constant action and accurate filling.
Hose filling and sealing machine
  Video of hose filling and sealing machine:
  Technical parameters:
  Input voltage: 220V 50Hz
  Filling accuracy: ± 1.5%
  Boundary dimension: 900 × 800 × 1650mm
  Equipment weight: 300kg
  Filling volume: 0 ~ 200ml (stepless adjustable, special specification can be customized)
  Production capacity: 25-50 PCS / min (depending on the material)
  Matched air source: > 0.8MPa
  Ultrasonic power: 1000W
  Input power: 1.8kw
  Equipment features:
  1) The high-grade LCD programming controller and button combined operation video screen fully grasp the equipment's stepless speed regulation, parameter equipment, output counting statistics, air pressure indication, fault display and other operating conditions, so that the operation is simple and user-friendly.
  2) It can automatically complete the whole process of human supply, benchmarking, filling inert temperature table body (optional), filling, tail sealing, coding and finished product export.
  3) The high precision calibration system reduces the color difference range between the tube and the color code.
  4) Adjust the external position, position digital display, adjust quickly and accurately (applicable to multi specification and multi variety production).
  5) The machine, light, electricity and gas are integrated, the real line is not filled without pipe, the supply pipe is not in place, low pressure, automatic display (alarm); when the protective door is opened, it can automatically shut down and other full-automatic functions.

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