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Silica gel filling and sealing machine

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  • Silica gel filling and sealing machine
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  Silica gel filling and sealing machine adopts automatic lifting servo filling mode, which is accurate in filling (can be adjusted arbitrarily) and has small measurement error. It adopts advanced technology. There is no tailing and wire drawing phenomenon in the filling and storage process. The material will not solidify in the process of filling and storage. The machine can be adjusted steplessly, measuring, filling, sealing, printing and pushing at one time. Taiwan AIRTAC pneumatic components are used for pneumatic, and Chint components are used for electrical appliances; the filling and sealing machine should be used together with the material pressing and sub loading machine.
Silica gel filling and sealing machine
  Silica gel filling and sealing machine video:
  1、 Basic use:
  This machine is mainly used for filling and sealing materials with aluminum tube as packing container. The product adopts closed and semi closed paste and liquid, with no leakage at the end of sealing, good consistency of weight and capacity, sealing and printing can be completed at one time. It is widely used in the packaging of pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, chemical and other fields.
  2、 Product features:
  High grade LCD programming controller combined with button operation screen can fully grasp the operation status of stepless speed regulation, parameter equipment, output counting statistics, air pressure indication and fault display, so as to make the operation simple and humanized.
  The filling and sealing can be completed automatically by putting the materials to be filled into the feeding bin manually.
  High precision calibration system reduces the color difference range of tube body and color code.
  External adjustment position, position digital display, quick and accurate adjustment (suitable for multi specification and multi variety production).
  3、 Configuration details
  Electrical name quantity brand / remark electrical name quantity brand / remark
  1 set of stepper motor, 1 set of smart label and 1 set of brand
  1 set of controller, 1 set of smart man-machine interface, 1 set of self-developed all-in-one machine
  Divider 1 custom filling mechanism 1 set customized
  Production capacity 8-10 PCS / min (depending on filling volume)
  Filling accuracy ≤± 0.5%
  Filling capacity 10-300g
  Hose diameter 10-50mm
  Hose length 50-220mm
  Ultrasonic power 2000W
  Output power 1600W
  Air source pressure 0.4-0.8mpa
  Working voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz
  Overall dimension L * w * H: 1100 * 700 * 1650mm (subject to the actual situation)

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