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N95 mask machine video

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  N95 mask machine video:
  Opening / closing the mask machine process
  Before starting the equipment, please check whether the equipment meets the opening conditions according to the power on checklist, and then start the equipment according to the process.
  1. Confirm that the main power supply and equipment requirements are consistent. 220V. AC
  2. Check whether the air source setting is correct. 0.5-0.7mpa
  3. Clean the dirt, tools and peripheral materials on the equipment to avoid all mechanical hazards
  4. Turn on the air supply of the equipment and turn on the power supply of the equipment
  5. Check whether all sensors and mechanisms of the equipment are normal without looseness or damage
  6. Press the emergency stop and reset the emergency stop, click the touch screen alarm reset, there is no alarm information on the screen, equipment status: the equipment is not initialized, carry out initialization, after initialization, equipment status: the equipment stops, you can click Run.
  7. In the automatic interface, equipment status: stop the equipment and click the start button.
  8. Start up of production line is completed
  Stop the equipment flow
  1. Click the stop button
  2. When all work stations are finished, remove all masks
  3. Turn off the main power switch and turn off the air source

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