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surgical disposable mask making machine

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  • surgical disposable mask making machine
  • CAD drawing of mask machine
  • Ear set
  surgical disposable mask making machine is mainly used for automatic forming of plane mask: the whole roll of cloth is driven by roller after unwinding, and the cloth is folded and wrapped automatically; the nose beam is pulled and uncoiled by whole roll, cut to a fixed length and then imported into the wrapped cloth, and the two sides are welded to the seal by ultrasonic welding, and then sealed laterally by ultrasonic, and then cut to shape by cutter; the mask is transported to two openings by assembly line At the welding station of the mask ear belt, the final mask is formed by ultrasonic welding; when the mask is made, it is transported to the flat belt line through the assembly line for collection.
surgical disposable mask making machine
  surgical disposable mask making machine video:
  Technical parameters of equipment:
  Production efficiency: 90-110ppm;
  Qualified rate of equipment production: 98% - 99% (except that the incoming materials do not meet the requirements and the employees do not operate properly)
  (2) Equipment failure rate: 3% (refers to the failure caused by the equipment itself)
  Equipment size: 6500mm (L) × 4500mm (W) × 1900mm (H);
  Appearance color: international standard warm gray 1C (evocative standard color), in case of no special instructions, follow this standard;
  Equipment weight: ≤ 5000kg, ground bearing ≤ 500kg / m2;
  Working power supply: equipment 220VAC ± 5%, 50Hz, rated power about 9kw
  Compressed air: 0.5-0.7mpa, flow rate about 300L / min
  Operating environment: temperature 10-35 ℃, humidity 5-35% HR, no combustible, corrosive gas, no dust (cleanliness no less than 100000)
  Equipment CAD drawing:
Equipment CAD drawing
  Main structure of equipment:
  Filter cloth / filter cotton / water absorption layer unwinding mechanism max4 sets with 3 sets
  Nose strip unwinding mechanism
  Width of nose beam straightening mechanism 3-7mm
  Width of nose beam driving and cutting mechanism 3-7mm
  Fabric folding mechanism
  Two sides of rolling welding edge bonding mechanism
  Cloth driving mechanism
  Fabric folding mechanism
  Roll welding side seam mechanism
  Roll seal mechanism
  Transfer line
  Shunt mechanism
  Ear band welding machine mechanism
  Blanking line
  operating system
  operation panel

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