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Semi automatic N95 mask machine

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  Semi automatic N95 mask machine is a fully automatic machine suitable for N95 mask production. Generally, ultrasonic technology is used to weld 3-5 layers of PP non-woven fabric, melt blown cloth, activated carbon and filter materials, and non-woven fabric fusion, folding, edge closing and rolling cutting. It can produce various protective N95 masks and other N95 masks. According to the difference of raw materials used, the mask can reach the relevant industry standards, without manual operation in the whole process, which can greatly reduce the material consumption and effectively ensure the quality of the masks produced. All of them are produced by mechanization, followed by separate ear band welding, and the finished mask is produced.
  Semi automatic N95 mask machine video:
  Technical parameters:
  Compressed air: 0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa, service flow about 300L / min
  Capacity: 50-70 tablets / min
  Warranty period: 12 months
  Weight: 1500kg
  Power supply specification: AC220 V, 50 Hz, rated power: 9 kw
  Applicable materials: PP non-woven fabric, composite fiber
  Human machine control panel and touch screen
  Driving mode: servo motor stepping motor
  Scope of application:
  The mask produced by semi-automatic N95 mask machine is suitable for medical, civil, protective, Kn90 / N90, students, plane and other industries.
  Mechanical features:
  1. Semi automatic N95 mask machine raw material automatic tension control, ensure raw material tension balance.
  2. Computer program control, high output, good stability, low failure rate.
  3. Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.
  4. Semi automatic N95 mask machine can produce one to three layers of mask body.
  5. Different sizes and styles of masks can be produced by changing the mold.
  6. The semi-automatic N95 mask machine is made of aluminum alloy

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