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Adjustment method of filling and capping machine

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  Adjustment method of filling and capping machine:
  1. Adjustment of feed half.
  a. Adjust the bottle blocking plate a on the feeding half upward to shorten the adaptive bottle feeding stroke, and adjust it downward to extend the adaptive bottle feeding stroke.
  b. Adjust the positioning bottle position left and right to align the bottle position when the movable teeth are running so that the bottle can be smoothly fed into the positioning teeth.
  c. Adjust the bottle blocking plate B so that the width of the bottle inlet is about 22 mm.
filling and capping machine
  2. The function of the filling component is to timely deliver the liquid medicine to each easy to pull bottle through the filling device, one-way valve and needle. Therefore, when the needle enters the bottle mouth, it must be appropriate and the filling time must be appropriate.
  a. Adjust the side cam a to rotate or reverse so that the needle is inserted into the mouth of the empty bottle as soon as it enters the tooth shape position. And lift the needle before leaving the tooth position.
  b. Filling time adjustment: start filling immediately after the adjustable needle of cam B is put into the bottle mouth, and stop filling before the needle leaves the bottle mouth.
  c. Adjustment of liquid volume: loosen the nut 1 to adjust the ejector rod in D direction, and increase the liquid volume; adjust the liquid volume in C direction to reduce, and adjust the nut 2 to reduce the liquid volume in F direction to increase the liquid volume in e direction. Pay attention to the limit position of the injector during adjustment, so as not to damage the injector. Generally, it is better to spatter at least 15mm from the bottom of the injector, and the longer the filling time is, the better.
  3. Working principle and regulation of automatic stop filling device.
  When the tooth plate is moved to move the bottle to the gear position of filling liquid, the convex surface of cam 7 is away from swing plate 6, swing plate 6 is pulled by tension spring 4 and swings clockwise. Swing plate 6 drives bottle pressing bolt 2 to move downward until it contacts bottle 3. At this time, adjust the contact of swing plate 6 of steel wire rolling head 5 and adjust the adjusting screw 8 to make the ejector pin 1 extend about 4mm. There is an empty bottle in this position , the bottle pressing bolt 2 and the shaking plate 6 continue to move down due to the action of the tension spring 4, until the steel wire rolling head 5 pulls the steel wire to make the top rod bolt 1 separate from the top rod 9, so they can not drive the medicine filling device to work, and the medicine filling will be stopped automatically.
  4. Discharge precautions
  Since this machine is a easy to pull bottle filling and locking device, the discharging has been sealed. In order to prevent the bottle after filling and locking from overturning, it is necessary to put several empty bottles on the discharging hopper in advance before discharging the first bottle to keep the bottle after filling and locking smoothly transported to the discharging hopper, and then send it to the next process with the bottle hopper.
  5. This locking device is based on the advanced technology of foreign countries. According to the production situation of oral liquid in China, it is specially designed for the existing specifications of the bottle. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the geometric size and error of the bottle. If there are special requirements or other specifications, please contact our technical department.
  6、 Adjustment of locking device
  a. Gland time adjustment: adjust the rotation angle of cam 3. When the filling liquid bottle enters the tooth position of the lock mouth, the lock mouth shaft has moved and leaves the bottle cap before moving the tooth close to the bottle.
  b. Adjustment of gland pressure: the size of gland pressure is directly related to the quality of the lock mouth. If the pressure is too large to make the bottle broken, the sealing performance will be affected if the pressure is too small. Therefore, the nut 6 should be adjusted according to the actual average height of the bottle to make the pressure adjust to the best.
  c. Adjustment of blade action time: blade 2 should be close to the bottleneck before the end of gland, otherwise some short bottles can not achieve the locking effect. When adjusting, loosen nut 4, adjust shaft 5, up and down to make blade 2 action time sooner or later. Note that the spring force of adjusting spring 7 should be greater than that of spring 8 to keep the bottleneck consistent.
  d. When adjusting the lock mouth, attention shall be paid to the locking of nuts after the adjustment of each department. During the initial valve test, the average height of the easy pull bottle shall be taken. The irregular easy pull bottle shall not enter the lock mouth to avoid damage to the parts.
  7. Adjustment of vibrator
  The automatic dropping cap adopts the electromagnetic oscillation principle to drop the cap to a proper position along the track according to a certain motion track.
  a. The vibrator is packed separately when leaving the factory, and the lower track mouth must be aligned with the moving track of the easy pull bottle when it is installed.
  b. Adjustment of magnet gap: loosen the screw 1, open the cover, adjust the nut 2, make the magnet gap 0.6-0.8, and make the lowest vibration sound and the fastest cap line speed.

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