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Working process of automatic filling and sealing machine

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  The whole machine is controlled by microcomputer circuit, and all actions are completed by pneumatic and electric. Connect the air pressure to the machine, open the air source, ensure that there is 0.75-0.85 air pressure, check the power switch, and ensure that the manual / stop / automatic switch is in the stop position.
automatic filling and sealing machine
  Insert the machine power plug into AC220 V single-phase three wire socket, and ensure good grounding.
  Turn the manual / stop / auto switch on the control panel to manual position and turn on the power switch. At this moment, the power indicator light is on. Turn on the temperature controller switch, set the sealing temperature and make the electric heating element start to heat up. It can rise to the set temperature in about 10 minutes. Wait for the temperature of the iron head to rise to the set temperature (at this moment, the green indicator light on the thermometer is off, and the red indicator light is on).
  Turn the manual / stop / automatic switch to the manual position, and press the corresponding indicator light of any enabling switch (sealing 1, sealing 2, film cutting, film proofing, coding, filling and cup feeding) to light up, and the machine starts to execute the corresponding procedures.
  Turn the manual / stop / automatic switch to the automatic position, and the other enabling switches are not turned on (the indicator light is not on). At this time, only walk the board. If it is necessary to seal and other functions, turn on the corresponding enable switch (indicator light is on).
  When the product is sealed and sent out from the cup, check whether the seal is firm, and make appropriate adjustment according to the specific situation.

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