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Common problems of liquid filling capping machine

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  With the continuous updating of science and technology, the technology of liquid filling capping machine is also in continuous progress. With its unique advantages in the market, liquid filling capping machine meets people's high standard requirements for life. Now people pay more attention to and apply the liquid filling capping machine. I believe that you will encounter various obstacles in the use process. The following is the common obstacles summarized by the small edition for you And processing methods, hope to help you!
liquid filling capping machine
  Solution to common problems of liquid filling capping machine:
  First, what should I do if the piston of the equipment cylinder doesn't work?
  1. Confirm whether the safety emergency stop switch is safe
  2. Confirm whether the air source switch is on
  3. Confirm whether the check signal valve is damaged
  How to deal with the second cylinder not pushed back to the top?
  Confirm whether the moving target is in contact with the check valve
  Third, how to adjust the filling volume of the equipment if it is not accurate or not discharging?
  1. Confirm whether the upper and lower throttle valves are closed
  2. Increase the pumping speed of cylinder throttle valve
  3. Confirm whether the quick assembly tee is locked
  4. Confirm that there is enough material in the bin
  5. Confirm whether the joint of each pipe is sealed
  Fourth, what should be done when the material of the equipment flows out from the rear end of the cylinder?
  1. Check whether the sealing ring on the piston is worn. If it is worn, replace it
  2. Confirm whether the piston and piston rod are tight
  In addition, in addition to dealing with problems in time, it is also necessary to do a good job in advance of prevention. Daily maintenance can also reduce the failure rate of liquid filling capping machine. The daily maintenance and maintenance of liquid filling capping machine can not be underestimated, which is a very critical step. Daily timely maintenance can effectively extend the service life of the machine and improve the production efficiency of the enterprise To keep the machine in normal operation state all day and reduce the loss of manpower and material resources.

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