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coffee capsule filling and sealing machine

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  • coffee capsule filling and sealing machine
  • Heat sealing
  • Drop cup
  Automatic coffee capsule filling and sealing machine 4 cup machine, combined with pneumatic mechanism and continuous operation mode, can automatically complete automatic cup dropping, coffee powder filling, sterilization, pneumatic cylinder monitoring, automatic film moving, automatic film cutting, sealing, automatic cup out and other functions. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, high degree of automation, convenient use, simple maintenance and high production efficiency. It can work continuously for 24 hours. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other anticorrosive materials, which meet the food hygiene and safety standards. It has stable performance and can be widely used for filling and sealing various capsule coffee products such as Nespresso, kcup, Lavazza, vcup, espresso, etc. the sealing is neat and uniform, good sealing, impermeable and airtight.
coffee capsule filling and sealing machine
  Working principle and structure:
  Coffee capsule filling and sealing machine-4 cup machine is composed of main drive, dropping cup, feeding, filling, metering, mechanical suction film, heat sealing, finished product transportation and electrical control. When the motor is running, it drives the membrane plate to move forward, the head of the cushion to move up and down, and the water pump to work at the same time. It is realized by the transmission of the connecting rod and the chain. The membrane suction of the manipulator is completed by two cylinders and a vacuum generator respectively. The opening and closing time of the three solenoid valves is controlled by three proximity switches to control the action of the cylinders.
  Coffee capsule filling and sealing machine video:
  Equipment name: coffee capsule filling and sealing machine-4 cup machine
  Model: htgf-4 (4 cups at a time, fast speed, stable output,)
  Power supply: three-phase four wire 380V / 50Hz (according to customer power supply
  Voltage customization)
  Output: 3000 cups / hour (output can be adjusted in touch screen).
  Power: 2kW / h
  External dimension: 3000mm × 750mm × 1800mm (specific machine details
  Please communicate with the sales engineer about the size)
  Temperature control range: 0-400 ℃ (easy to adjust)
  Gas consumption: 0.8m3/s
  Working air pressure: 0.65-0.85mpa
  Weight: 750KG
  Function description of coffee capsule filling and sealing machine:
  1. Made of stainless steel, it is suitable for filling, filling, sealing and edge cutting of various powder and different specifications of containers. At the same time, it can also be configured with different filling types, such as self flow, filling, measuring cup, negative pressure, screw filling, etc., so as to be suitable for filling of various products;
  2. It can automatically complete the functions of plastic (paper) cup box, such as automatically dropping cup (optional), filling and filling, date printing, ultraviolet sterilization, photoelectric tracking and positioning (optional), sealing (cover), automatic core shearing film and waste film recovery;
  3. The whole machine adopts OMRON PLC, Taiwan pneumatic control components, intelligent digital temperature control system, which has the characteristics of high automation, high sealing strength, good sealing performance, low failure rate, reasonable structure and high production efficiency;
  4. Photoelectric tracking detection sealing film, automatic cup dropping device and other devices can be selected, or customized according to your special requirements;
  5. Coffee capsule filling and sealing machine is a multi-purpose high-speed automatic filling and sealing machine. According to the needs of users, we can also produce another multi-purpose machine. The electrical and pneumatic components of this machine are international products. According to the needs of customers, PLC control is used.

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