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Honey sauce filling and sealing machine

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  • Honey sauce filling and sealing machine
  • Heat sealing device
  • Cup out device
  Full automatic honey jam filling and sealing machine, the whole machine adopts the Japanese OMRON PLC, pneumatic control elements, intelligent digital display temperature control system, with high sealing strength, good sealing, low failure rate, etc., which is the first choice for the production line of enterprise automation. The automatic honey sauce filling and sealing machine is suitable for the production of honey sauce, soybean sauce, bean paste, spicy sauce, sweet noodle sauce, seafood sauce, tomato sauce, chopped pepper sauce, beef sauce, salad sauce, Korean chili sauce and other products. And can be customized according to the customer's Cup different specifications of equipment. The machine adopts automatic program control, with novel design, beautiful appearance, simple and reasonable structure, complete functions, simple operation, meeting the requirements of national health law, meeting the standard and large-scale production. Stable performance and high production efficiency. After packaging, the product has beautiful appearance and strong three-dimensional sense, which is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to choose.
Honey sauce filling and sealing machine
  Honey sauce filling and sealing machine video:
  Parameters of honey sauce filling and sealing machine:
  Filling head: 1
  Production capacity: 600-800 cups / hour
  Accuracy: ± 0.5%
  Power: 1KW
  Air pressure: 0.6m3/m
  Voltage: AC 220V / 380V
  Sealing temperature: 0-400 °
  Weight: 450kg
  Boundary dimension: 1250 * 1250 * 1650mm)
  Features of honey sauce filling and sealing machine:
  1. The automatic honey paste filling and sealing machine adopts PLC touch screen technology, with human-machine interface control, clear and intuitive parameters and simple and convenient operation.
  2. The filling system adopts single head filling system, and the filling range can be adjusted by itself.
  3. The whole machine is made of 304 high-quality stainless steel and aluminum material. The structure is solid, stable, corrosion-resistant and durable.
  4. Microcomputer intelligent temperature control, temperature control accuracy ± 1%, equipped with temperature sensor, reduce the damage of high temperature sealing to the product.
  5. Automatic filling of soy sauce, filling with column filling head, filling with independent filling head to prevent dripping and leakage, and filling accuracy ± 1%.
  6. Automatic sealing, automatic cup dropping, automatic sealing, automatic coding, automatic waste film collection and automatic cup exit, greatly saving labor and effectively improving production efficiency.
  7. The motor, reducer, divider and parts of the equipment are all of high-quality brands, with superior performance and high stability.

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