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automatic cup filling and sealing machine

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  • automatic cup filling and sealing machine
  • Film rolling device
  • Lower cup device
  The automatic cup filling and sealing machine is suitable for filling and sealing containers of different specifications. At the same time, it can be configured with different filling types, such as self flow type, filling plug type, measuring cup type, negative pressure type, screw type, etc., so as to be suitable for filling various products. The whole machine is advanced in design, reasonable in structure and reliable in performance. With full automatic operation, the production speed can be adjusted, the operation is simple and safe, the work efficiency can be improved, and the labor cost can be reduced. Photo eye calibration ensures accurate sealing, twice sealing, and adjustable sealing pressure, which can be easily or not easily torn according to customer requirements, so as to reflect a higher humanized design. The sealing is firm, the edge is smooth and flawless, the equipment can be customized according to the customer's requirements and add other auxiliary functions.
automatic cup filling and sealing machine
  Configuration: the frame of the machine is welded with channel steel angle iron, and then coated with 304 × stainless steel after 3 times of anti rust treatment. The exposed parts are made of anti rust treatment and stainless steel, aluminum, etc. The electrical components adopt famous brands at home and abroad such as "Omron" and "Siemens". The pneumatic components are Taiwan "adek", which can be customized according to the sample cup and requirements provided by the demander.
  Video of automatic cup filling and sealing machine:
  Parameters of automatic cup filling and sealing machine:
  Model: cup filling and sealing machine
  Power supply (customized): three-phase four wire 380V / 50Hz
  Power: 6.5kw/h
  Output: 6500-7500 cups / hour
  Filling accuracy: 100%
  Working air pressure: 0.65-0.85mpa
  Gas consumption: 0.8m3/s
  Shape (L * w * h): 3200 * 650 * 1500mm
  Weight: 800kg (the cup size may change with different sizes, and the weight will change with it, and the actual product shall prevail)
  Automatic cup filling and sealing machine structure:
  Cup dropping system: it is composed of frame, slide rail, cup storage bin, push cup cylinder, etc. The synchronous control action of sending signal is completed when the template stops. Stable and efficient.
  Filling system: the storage tank is made of stainless steel 304, and the size can be customized. The filling quantity can be adjusted freely, the quantitative and accurate filling accuracy is high, there is no leakage, the mixing system and the heat preservation and heating system can be added.
  Film releasing system: the machine automatically grabs film with vacuum arm and puts it directly above the empty cup, with high accuracy, time saving and high efficiency.
  Sealing system: it adopts constant temperature (intelligent temperature control) hot pressing twice to seal. The sealing head is grade I brass, with good thermal conductivity and strong strength.
  Film cutting mechanism: cold punching, cutting out the cover film with easy tear, convenient opening.
  Cup out system: composed of slide rail, slide block, variable speed motor and mounting bracket, it can also be equipped with vacuum arm cup suction system and external conveyor belt.

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