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Yogurt cup filling and sealing machine

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  The main body and main parts of yogurt cup filling and sealing machine are made of 304 stainless material. The newly designed group structure is unique and novel. It overcomes many defects caused by the multi screw connection of traditional similar equipment, such as easy loosening, falling off, imbalance, deformation, high difficulty in sanitation and cleaning, affecting the beauty, etc. the machine pays attention to the integrity of the whole machine, with high stress intensity and firmness, so as to ensure the service quality and service life of the automatic filling and sealing machine for yoghurt.
  From cup placing to biscuit filling, chocolate paste filling, pattern proofreading, twice heat sealing, shearing and finished product output, the operation is fully automatic. The production speed is controlled by frequency conversion, and the operation is simple and convenient. The sealing temperature control system adopts a new electric heating constant temperature controller (autoscr), which is a new generation of intelligent heating system with good temperature control effect. The automatic filling and sealing machine for yoghurt is more energy-saving.
  Yogurt cup filling and sealing machine video:
  Technical parameters:
  Machine model: htgf-4
  Power supply voltage: (V / Hz): AC: 220 / 50: 110 / 60
  Heat sealing power: (W): 3300
  Sealing speed: 3000-4000 cups / h
  Air compressor power: (W): 0.6-0.8mpa, 0.8m3/min
  Filling accuracy: ± 1.5%
  Temperature control range: 0-400 ℃
  Cover material: PE: PP: PET / PE
  Overall dimension (L × w × h) (mm): 4800 × 1150 × 1700
  Net weight: (kg): 1500
  1. Automatic, cup dropping, UV sterilization, filling, coding, one-time sealing, photoelectric pattern correction, secondary sealing, cup cap cutting, discharging and other processes.
  2, filling volume without adjustment, accurate and quantitative, no foam, filling never leak, storage tank level control.
  3. The sealing position is corrected automatically by electric eye, and the film printing is accurate.
  4. This series of machines are made of famous electrical appliances and transmission components at home and abroad. According to the needs of users, a code printer can be installed.
  5. Food grade stainless steel structure is adopted for the parts contacting with materials, which meets the food hygiene standard.
  6. Applicable cup types: round mouth cup, peach shaped cup, panda cup, heart-shaped cup, butterfly cup, and special-shaped cup can also be customized.

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