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Paste cup filling and sealing machine

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  • Paste cup filling and sealing machine
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  Paste non drip cup filling and sealing machine has the functions of automatic cup dropping, automatic cup filling soup, automatic date printing, automatic film ultraviolet sterilization, automatic winding film, twice sealing and once cutting film to automatic cup output. Specific functions can be added or reduced according to user needs. The electrical and pneumatic components of paste non drip cup filling and sealing machine adopt the products of good manufacturers at home and abroad, with stable quality and long service life. The important mechanical parts are made by advanced precision machining center, so the mechanical coordination is good, the work is stable, the performance is advanced and the quality is reliable. The machine temperature control system adopts a brand-new electric constant temperature controller, which is a new generation of intelligent heating system. It has good temperature control effect, more energy-saving, new design, reasonable and beautiful structure, acid resistant and stainless materials, in line with health standards, and easy to maintain.
  Paste cup filling and sealing machine video:
  Paste cup filling and sealing machine parameters:
  Power supply (specially customized): three phase four wire 380V / 50Hz
  Power: 5kW / h
  Output: 4500-6000 cups / h
  Working pressure: 0.65-0.85mpa
  Gas consumption: 0.8m? / S
  Shape (L * w * h): 3200 * 950 * 1500mm
  Weight: 900kg
  after-sale service:
  One year maintenance free, life-long maintenance, including free door-to-door installation and debugging services. In case of any failure of the equipment in use, the supplier promises to respond immediately and arrive at the demander's factory to solve the problem within 72 hours when the telephone can not be solved.
  Structural features:
  1. The body of the product is welded with special steel. After special treatment, it is beautiful, bright and clean. The upper part of the whole machine and the food contact part are made of stainless steel, meeting the food hygiene conditions.
  2. With the integration of gas, electricity and machinery, the transmission is stable, and the supply, filling, sealing, trimming, output of products and waste winding are fully automated to save manpower and reduce costs.

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