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Jelly filling and sealing machine video

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  Jelly filling and sealing machine video:
  The jelly filling and sealing machine is made of stainless steel body, which can lower the cup, put the cap and seal at one time, and strictly meet the requirements of food hygiene. The machine is mainly used for filling and capping milk, yoghurt, instant noodles, lotus root powder, rice noodles and other food and beverage in cups, boxes and bowls, and can also be used for capping other special-shaped packages. Automatically lower the cup, automatically place the cap, automatically seal and automatically exit the cup; adopt the imported stepless speed change system to adjust the production speed; adopt the cam protractor to make the lower film positioning accurate and the machine run smoothly; the suction cap and sealing are completed at the same time, and the movement of the lower film has no effect on the positioning accuracy of the cover film; the accurate secondary sealing and sealing pressure can be adjusted, and the sealing strength is good; the operation is simple and safe 。

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