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Blister cartoning machine

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  • Blister cartoning machine
  • Carton forming
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  The machine is mainly used for automatic packing of blister forming capsules, tablets, aluminum foil packaging Blister and similar items. The machine can be operated independently. The production efficiency of connecting the front end and pillow packing machine is higher. This machine has a wide range of applications. It can change products regularly according to the different requirements of users. The production cycle of the mould is short and the assembly and debugging are simple. It is not only suitable for the production of single variety in large batch, but also can meet the production of small batch and multiple varieties of drugs. The machine is a series of complex drive to imitate the action of human hands to complete the whole process of drug packaging, with complex action and good coordination.
Blister cartoning machine
  The high-precision compound cam rotating three head box opening device can realize the box opening and drop it into the corresponding position at the same time. The compound cam can open three boxes every rotation, which greatly improves the speed and stability of box loading. It is obviously different from the opening mode of the traditional domestic cartoning machine. Two pieces of vacuum suction head are used to hold the two adjacent sides of the cartons. The rotation of one suction head will open the cartons at an angle of about 110 degrees. After the cartons are put into the working position, the suction head will release, and the cartons will automatically recover to 90 degrees and be fixed. This opening mode can ensure a high success rate of opening cartons under high-speed operation.
  Video of Blister cartoning machine:
  Parameters of blister cartoning machine:
  Loading speed: 80-150 boxes / min
  Carton specification (length × width × height): (65mm-120mm) × (45mm-90mm) × (12mm-55mm)
  Specification: (110mm-160mm) × (90mm-250mm)
  Power supply: 380V · 50Hz
  Total power: 1.5kw
  Equipment size (length × width × height): 1350mm × 1120mm × 1650mm
  Compressed air pressure: 0.6MPa
  Compressed air consumption: 50-150l / min 50-150liters / min
  Weight: 1000kg
  Frequency conversion and speed regulation, adopting PLC full-automatic control system
  The man-machine interface operating system is used to display automatically the performance parameters such as the speed and quantity of loading boxes, as well as the failure causes and operation and maintenance methods.
  It can realize the adjustment and use of multiple specifications within the specified range of the same equipment.
  Manual and automatic switching functions.
  Synchronously complete the folding and boxing function of the manual.
  Three rows of batch numbers can be printed synchronously on the kit, and the serial number printing function can be added.
  Equipped with an automatic detection system, the unqualified products are equipped with positioning shutdown and online elimination function.
  It can be equipped with hot melt glue machine.

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