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Continuous cartoning machine

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  • Continuous cartoning machine
  • Push rod device
  • Glue spraying device
  The working mode of continuous cartoning machine is continuous operation, which is suitable for the high-speed automatic cartoning demand of small packaging products. Including opening, folding, packing, sealing and batch printing functions. The equipment has high transmission accuracy, precise positioning and strong stability at high speed.
  The front end of the machine can be connected with the bottling and labeling machine, pillow type, aluminum plastic (aluminum) blister packaging machine, large rotary paper cutting machine, etc.; the back end can be connected with the online weighing, three-dimensional, heat shrinking, packing and packaging machine, etc., forming an intelligent packaging production line. To achieve the best effect; at the same time, according to the different requirements of users, different specifications of products can be replaced regularly, and the production cycle of different specifications of parts is short, and the assembly and debugging are simple, which is suitable for the production of large quantities of single varieties, while meeting the production of small batches of multi varieties of users. And it can meet the requirements of GMP, the national drug production quality management standard. The main mechanisms are servo driven to ensure the transmission accuracy of each station, the connection and synchronization between stations, and the stability at high speed.
continuous cartoning machine
  Video of continuous cartoner:
  Parameters of continuous box loader:
  Machine name: automatic cartoning machine
  Capacity: 50-100pca / min
  Maximum carton size: 250 * 155 * 80mm
  Minimum carton size: 55 * 20 * 12mm
  Paper thickness: 250-350g / M 2
  Gas consumption: 20 m / h
  Air pressure: ≥ 0.6MPa
  Weight: 1200 kg
  Dimensions: 4300 * 1500 * 1650 mm
  Features of continuous cartoning machine:
  German original Guk origami machine, stable and high-speed operation.
  18 groups of continuous push rod box loading system, using pre pressure guide rail, to ensure the synchronous accuracy of operation and high-speed stability.
  It can meet the requirements of three-phase code assignment in various ways, and has online monitoring function, meeting the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.
  The whole machine adopts a multi-point and multi-mode product quality monitoring system to ensure product quality.
  Siemens motion control system is adopted in the whole machine. Multi axis following and interpolation, real-time interaction and monitoring management of multi axis position are applied to improve the operation reliability of the box loader.
  Meet GMP regulatory requirements and computer verification requirements (electronic signature, electronic record, audit trail, etc.).

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