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Automatic cartoning machine

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  • Automatic cartoning machine
  • Out of box device
  • PLC
  Product introduction
  Automatic cartoning machine refers to the automatic loading of medicine bottles, medicine plates, ointment, etc. and instructions into folding cartons, and the completion of the box cover action. Some of the more fully functional automatic loading labels or heat shrinkable wrapping and other additional functions. Automatic cartoning machine is divided into: carton opening mechanism, automatic conveying positioning mechanism, cartoning product conveying mechanism, hot melt glue machine spray gun, automatic cartoning mechanism and automatic sealing mechanism. Equipment fit box sealing process.
Automatic cartoning machine
  Automatic cartoning machine video:
  Functional features
  1. The manipulator grabs the carton automatically and falls into the automatic conveying chain after opening the carton in the air.
  2. The conveyor chain automatically transports the carton products, and initially seals one end of the carton.
  3. The cartoning mechanism automatically pushes the product into the carton.
  4. During the transportation process of the conveyor chain, the two ends of the carton are automatically sprayed with hot melt adhesive.
  5. Automatic folding and pressing
  working principle
  The feeding of automatic cartoning machine is generally divided into three inlets: the manual inlet, the medicine bottle inlet and the package box inlet. The whole process from packing box feeding to final packing forming includes four stages: lower box, open, fill and close cover. The lower carton action is usually to draw a carton from the feed port of the carton by a suction cup, and then go down to the main card position of the carton to fix the carton and open the carton with a push plate. At the same time, there will be two movable cards rising from the bottom, which will block the side of the carton at right angles from the front and back direction and move forward to the loading area. After filling the filling area, the mechanism of the machine will fold the ears into the left and right guide rails, and then carry out the closing action. Close the latch of the carton, and then a push plate pushes the carton cover to bend, so that the latch can be inserted into the box and the buckle can be fastened. The closing action is a key action, and the completed structure has a lot to do with the accuracy of the machine adjustment.
  Existing problems
  (1) The speed of the machine is limited by the speed of the next manual and the dosing plate, so the design should be more reasonable; (2) the stability of the machine after a long time of high-speed operation is relatively poor
  Use servo system;
  (3) After a long time of operation, the accuracy cannot meet the requirements, the synchronization is not good, and the reliability is required to be improved;
  (4) The adaptability of the product is low, the adaptability surface is narrow, and the shape and volume of the drugs to be loaded are strictly regulated;
  (5) Equipment operation reliability is not high, which needs frequent maintenance and affects production
  (6) The production efficiency is not high, the operation speed is slow, and the degree of automation is not high;
  (7) The cartoning machine is very sensitive to the size deviation of the instruction, for example, the size deviation of the instruction. In daily production, there will be jamming due to the thin instruction manual. Sometimes, the paper box is not easy because the size of the paper box changes slightly.
  ·Multi function packing operation, all kinds of complicated packing work are completed at the same time;
  ·Do not occupy space, play the largest function;
  ·Step-by-step movement, double vacuum cup type box taking, high speed and stability;
  ·Optional date and batch printer and manual insertion device;
  ·PLC control, trouble shooting display device, easy to operate;
  ·The inching device of the machine enables the equipment to move freely, which is convenient to adjust the boxes of various specifications

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