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Mask packing cartoning machine

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  • mask cartoning machine
  • mask cartoning machine
  The production line of mask cartoning machine is a kind of production line equipment which is composed of mask packaging machine and cartoning machine. It can automatically complete the first bagging of mask, and then carry out the second packaging operation.
  Packaging is responsible for packaging the mask with plastic film. The box loading machine integrates automatic opening, pushing, ear folding, folding and sealing. It is suitable for various types and specifications of carton packaging machine. It is controlled by PLC microcomputer, with automatic alarm and fault prompt. It has the characteristics of man-machine interface control, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The sealing system has the functions of automatic opening box, pushing material, folding ear, folding ear, folding page, sealing box and so on without manual work. High quality stainless steel and aluminum materials are used in the parts where the whole machine contacts the color box, and the surface is polished. It has a beautiful appearance and does not pollute the environment.
  mask cartoning machine
  Mask cartoning machine Video:
  Features of mask cartoning machine:
  1. The machine can complete the automatic feeding, carton suction, opening, material into the box, automatic sealing and other processes.
  2. The machine can be used alone, or other packaging machines (such as pillow cartoning machine, sealing and cutting shrinking machine, labeling machine, etc.) can be connected to form an assembly line.
  3. The back section can be connected with automatic uncartoning, cartoning and sealing machines to form an automatic packaging line.
  4. 30-60 boxes per minute (depending on the size and paper size of the carton)

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