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Coffee bag automatic cartoning machine

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  • Coffee bag automatic cartoning machine
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  Coffee bag automatic cartoning machine uses servo motor for precise position control. PLC system maintains the whole control of the whole carton manufacturing process. It can realize high automation. The imported motor driver controls the rotation degree through the chain. The governor controls the speed of the sprocket. Due to reliable control, easy adjustment and intelligent operation, the cartoning machine can be used as an independent equipment or integrated into the automatic production line, so it is widely used in beverage, beer, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Although most machines provide reciprocating pick-up of cartons, making them intermittent motion machines, the unique rotary pickup system makes it a continuous motion machine that can reach the speed that other people can sometimes achieve, and the production speed is more efficient.
Coffee bag automatic cartoning machine
  Coffee bag automatic cartoning machine Video:
  Specification parameters:
  Input power: AC 380V 50 Hz 3-phase 4-wire
  Total capacity: 1,5 kw
  Productivity: 50-100 boxes / min
  Input speed: 50-90 packets / min
  Gas consumption: 20 m3 / h (pressure 0.5-0.7 MPa)
  Packaging material: cardboard:
  Density: 250-350 g / m2;
  Maximum size: 200x90x60 mm;
  Minimum size: 70x20x15 mm;
  Package material description:
  Paper density: 55-65g / m2;
  Maximum size: 260x190mm (length × width);
  Minimum size: 100x100 mm (L × w)
  Dimension (length × width × height): 3300 × 1350 × 1650
  Weight (kg): 1200
  Features of coffee bag automatic cartoning machine:
  1. The carton machine adopts continuous working mode, with automatic box sucking (opening), leaflet folding (1-4 folds), feeding, pushing, batch number embossing, carton sealing, detection and re inspection system. This machine can also be equipped with hot melt adhesive sealing system.
  2. Adopt servo drive system, PLC and HMI automatic operation system. The speed of the frequency converter is controlled by the machine.
  3. Overload protection system includes host overload protection, flyer clip overload protection and pushing overload protection. In the production process, when overload occurs, the machine will stop automatically, and the alarm will be displayed on the human-machine interface, which is convenient for maintenance and operation.
  4. The program is designed according to the principle of packing materials priority, that is, no packing materials, no flyers, no cartons, no material pushing, which ensures the qualified rate of packaging and saves packaging materials.
  5. This machine is suitable for all kinds of packing materials, such as bubble cover strip, bottle, bag, Sachet, etc. Tubes, plastic trays, cosmetics, food and electronic products.
  7. This machine is designed to connect with other machines as production line.

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