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lotion filling and sealing machine_lotion filling sealing machine video

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  The lotion filling and capping machine has complete production process including automatic bottle feeding, bottle arranging, automatic detection, filling, automatic capping and automatic capping, with complete functions. According to the form of filling container, different filling production station can be selected, which has excellent product compatibility. The material contact part is made of 316 stainless steel. Compared with the similar filling machine, the production line has stable operation, low noise and convenient operation. The equipment is fully in line with GMP production standards, is an ideal filling equipment for cosmetics industry.
lotion filling capping machine
  lotion filling capping machine video:
  Parameters and features of lotion filling and capping machine:
  Speed: 50-60bpm (according to product)
  Bottle size: diameter: 30-65mm, height: 60-250mm
  Equipment dimensions: l = 11289mm, w = 2200mm, H = 2100mm
  Power supply: AC380V, 50-60Hz
  Power: 10kw
  Bottle blowing:
  By blowing the ion air into the bottle, the ion wind will take away the dust and impurities deposited in the bottle, so as to ensure the quality of the filled products. By using customized mold to transport the product, the scratch on the bottle body is obviously reduced.
  Filling mechanism:
  Servo motor and control valve cooperate for filling, high efficiency and safety, each flow channel can be adjusted and cleaned independently.
  The filling head is equipped with special leak proof device to avoid wire drawing and liquid leakage. During the filling process, the filling mouth is extended into the bottle, and the filling liquid level rises simultaneously, which can effectively reduce foaming and the filling accuracy is ± 0.2g.
  3. Install inner plug:
  For filling container with inner plug, this station can be opened. In this station, the inner plug is sorted first. The air claw grabs the inner plug and presses it into the bottle mouth to complete the installation of the inner plug. This process can adapt to the filling production of products with inner plug, and enhance the compatibility of equipment to products.
  4. Automatic cover A:
  For the filling container that needs to be equipped with pump head, the pump head can be added through this station. After finishing the inner cover of the pump head, the capping machine will screw the bottle cap tightly to complete the operation.
  5. Automatic cover B:
  This station can be compatible with two kinds of cover forms: pressing in and tightening. It is the last step in the filling process. When the cover is added, the finished product will leave the filling machine and enter the finished product conveying station.
  6. Finished product transportation:
  When the product arrives at this station, all filling procedures have been completed. The filled product will be removed from the mold and the mold will be returned to recycling. The product enters the product storage area and waits for the next packaging process.
  The full automatic lotion filling and capping machine can cooperate with the box filling machine to realize the full set of production process including automatic bottle feeding, bottle arrangement, automatic detection, filling, automatic capping, automatic capping, etc!

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