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How to choose packaging tube production line?

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  Since the 1990s, tube has been gradually used in the field of packaging, such as toothpaste, cosmetics, medical ointment, these goods are often packaged with plastic tube containers. All kinds of business opportunities emerge as the times require. Domestic major packaging products factories have purchased packaging tube production lines, and even many people have established separate packaging tube production plants. In fact, many of these people do not know much about the plastic packaging tube. At the initial inquiry stage, they do not know what kind of packaging tube they want to produce.
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  tube can be divided into aluminum plastic composite tube, all plastic composite tube, plastic co extrusion tube, all aluminum pipe, paper plastic tube, PVC tube, silicone tube, etc.
  Although there are many kinds of tube, customers can decide what kind of tube to produce according to the specific market demand.
  If there are more cosmetic manufacturers in the end customers, the best choice is all plastic composite tube or plastic co extrusion tube production line. This is because the all plastic composite tube, or co extrusion tube, has good rebound performance, soft and good handle, which is more suitable for the cosmetics industry.
  However, if the end customers are more toothpaste manufacturers, the aluminum plastic composite tube production line should be selected. This is because the aluminum plastic composite tube has good insulation performance and is not easy to rebound. After the toothpaste is unsealed and used, the tube has good plasticity and keeps being squeezed to prevent air from entering and reacting with the paste.
  If the customers are mostly pharmaceutical factories and the demand for ointment tube is large, the aluminum tube production line is recommended. Aluminum tube has the best insulation performance, is the most suitable for ointment packaging tube content.
  According to our years of production and sales experience, in many packaging tube, the largest demand is aluminum plastic and plastic composite packaging tube. In addition, the production line needs less machines and funds, which is suitable for the initial production stage.

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