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Coffee bar cartoning machine

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  Coffee bar cartoning machine
  The packaging production line is mainly composed of multi bag automatic packaging machine, multi bag automatic sorting conveyor, top opening box filling machine and inspection and elimination. In order to control precision and adjust conveniently, the main parts are controlled by servo motor and PLC. It is suitable for packing bags with three sides and four sides. It can automatically and continuously complete on-line feeding, bag making, filling, batch marking, cutting and tearing, punching and cutting, bag taking arrangement and transmission, on-line weight inspection, automatic counting and stacking, carton forming, materials into boxes, instructions into boxes, product output, etc. In line with GMP production requirements, it can effectively save labor costs and production costs. It is an invention patent of our company. We can also change the design scheme according to the actual requirements of customers.
Coffee bar cartoning machine
  A new complete set of granular packaging equipment can completely solve all the above packaging methods; it has energy-saving, environmental protection, high-grade packaging mode, and high degree of automation is a big bright spot, at the same time, it is convenient for production management! The equipment is mainly three sides, four sides sealed bags and top open cover box packaging form, the packaging speed per minute is: 20-60 boxes / min! Fully in line with the front-end equipment and automation needs!
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  Parameters of coffee bar cartoning machine:
  袋长范围Pouch length:50-120mm (可调adjustable)
  袋宽范围Pouch width:50-105mm
  包装速度Packing speed:60times/nim (按袋子规格与物料而定depend on pouch size & material)
  填充容量Filling capacity:1-40ml
  适应包材Applicable film:PET/AL/PE    PET/PE NY/AL/PE  NY/PE
  包材宽度Max film width:900mm
  包材外径Max film diameter:Φ300mm
  包材蕊径Film core diameter:Φ75mm
  电    源Electric source:380V  220V

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