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Common problems of cartoning machine at present

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  Common problems of cartoning machine at present:
  (1) The speed of the machine is limited by the speed of the instruction manual and the drug plate, so the design should be more reasonable;
  (2) After a long time of high-speed operation, the stability of the machine is poor, which requires stable operation and more use of servo system;
  (3) After running for a long time, the accuracy can not meet the requirements, and the synchronization is not good, so the reliability is required to be improved;
cartoning machine
  (4) The adaptability of the product is low, its function is relatively simple, the application range is relatively narrow, and there are strict regulations on the shape and volume of the drug to be loaded;
  (5) The operation reliability of the equipment is not high, and the production schedule is affected by frequent maintenance;
  (6) The production efficiency is not high, the running speed is slow, and the degree of automation is not high;
  (7) The packing machine is very sensitive to the size deviation of the instructions. For example, the size deviation of the instructions should be less than ± 0.5 mm. In daily production, the machine will be jammed due to the thin instructions. Sometimes, the paper box is not easy to be opened or jammed due to slight changes in the size of the carton.

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