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1+2 KF94 fish mask machine

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  • fish mask machine
  • KF94 mask machine
  • KF94 mask
  1+2 fish mask machine is a highly efficient and practical best-selling machine developed by Shanghai Shenhu Machinery Co., Ltd. The full-automatic mask machine is mainly composed of a roll feeding machine, a fish type mask punching machine, a set of connecting machines, two ear band welding machines and two discharging lines. It can automatically complete the functions of mask body forming, automatic nose clamping, ear band welding and automatic counting. Mask body machine, ear wire welding machine can be fully automatic production, or independent production, very flexible.
  This equipment is suitable for the full automatic production of fish type masks with inner ear strap, without breathing valve and inner ear under 4 layers (if a turnover mechanism is added, it can also be applied to the automatic production of fish type mask with external ear belt).
  Video of fish mask machine:
  Main parameters of equipment:
  Overall dimension (mm): 6500 * 2400 * 1800mm
  Total weight: 1200 kg
  Mask size: 20.5 × 8.3 cm (folded size)
  Applicable compressed gas: 0.5 ~ 0.6MPa
  Air consumption: 50L / min
  Voltage: AC220 V (three-phase), 50 Hz,
  Power: 13kw
  Whole line efficiency: 40-50pcs / min (in normal production)
  Equipment yield: > = 95% (in normal production)
  Reference size of fish mask: (cloth width 260mm) mask length 205mm, width 83mm
  technological process:
  Firstly, the coil material and nose line coil are fed to the feeding machine, and the cloth is stacked together and loaded with nose line through bag feeding. Then, the body is welded by knurling fusion welding of the body. After the welding is completed, the shape is cut, and then the edge sealing is fused and cut by two-way folding. After the completion, the body is transferred to the ear band welding machine, and finally the finished product of mask is discharged.

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