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Medicine bottle cartoning machine_Medicine cartoning machine video

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  The Medicine bottle cartoning machine can be connected with other packaging machines, filling machines and boxing machines, so that the workshop can become a full-automatic production line. Of course, you can also choose to use it alone. The customized production mode allows customers to choose the packing and sealing methods and the brand components of the machine, which can meet the needs of each manufacturer. When purchasing, the medicine bottle automatic packing machine can be equipped with a bottle sorting machine to automatically send the medicine bottle to the packing area. When the medicine bottle is put into the box and sealed again, the manual is put into the box together with the manual, which greatly improves the efficiency. For medical equipment, we use 304 and 316 stainless steel to make the environment more hygienic and clean. PLC control panel combined with buttons, let the whole machine run directly on the screen, and with fault display, maintenance scheme and other intelligent systems, to help enterprises use worry free.
Medicine bottle cartoning machine
  Video of Medicine bottle cartoning machine:
  Features of Medicine bottle cartoning machine:
  1. PLC control, frequency converter control speed, and international famous brands are used for electrical components;
  2. Adopt man-machine interface
  3. Automatic display of fault, packing speed and finished product counting device;
  4. Automatically check whether the products and flyers are packed successfully
  5. Easy to understand and operate, stable performance.
  6. No box, no material, no instruction, saving packaging resources.
  7. If there is no product or the product supply does not reach the designated position, it will be idle and will not push the product. The machine will work automatically when the product supply is restored
  8. If there is no box or no flyer in succession, it will stop automatically.
  9. It's easy to change different products.
  10. This machine can be used alone, and can also be used with blister packaging machine, bottle machine and heat shrinkable packaging machine.
  Project parameters:
  Speed: 30-120 / min
  Quality requirements: 250-350g / m * m
  Size range (L × w × h): (50-180) mm * (30-85) mm * (15-50) mm
  Leaflet quality requirements: 50-65g / M?
  Size of unfolded leaflet: l × w (80-300) mm * (70-210) mm
  Foldable leaflet size: (1-4) * (length × width) * (70-210) mm * (20-40) mm
  Pressure: 0.5-0.7mpa
  Air consumption: 120-160l / min
  Power supply: 220 / 380V, 50 Hz
  Motor power: 1.5kw
  Machine dimensions (L × w × h): 3200 mm * 1200 mm * 1900 mm
  Machine weight: 1500 kg

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