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k-cup filling and sealing machine_video

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  The k-cup filling and sealing machine developed and produced by Shenhu Machinery Co., Ltd. is compatible with the pneumatic mechanism and can automatically complete the functions of self dropping cup, accurate loading of coffee powder, sterilization, pneumatic cylinder monitoring, automatic film moving, automatic gland cutting, sealing and automatic cup output. It has the characteristics of compact structure, high degree of automation, convenient use, simple maintenance and high production efficiency. It can work 24 hours continuously.
  The whole machine is made of stainless steel, alloy, steel and other anti-corrosion materials, which meet the food hygiene and safety standards. It has stable performance and can be widely used for the mixed sealing of various kinds of coffee products, such as Naixin paisuo, kcup, LA / Azza, ycup, ebpreso, etc.
k-cup filling and sealing machine
  k-cup filling and sealing machine Video:
  Output: 1600-9600 cups (designed according to requirements)
  Voltage: 380V / 50three phase
  Motor power: 4.5kw
  Heating power: 0.5mpa-0.75mpa
  Filling accuracy: < ± 1%
  Material: 304 stainless steel
  Overall dimension: 2800 * 700 * 1750mm (calculated by physical products)
  Equipment weight: 680kg
  Suitable product width: 50-330mm
  Process flow of the whole machine:
  Automatic cup placement, UV sterilization cup, automatic filling, UV sterilization film, twice heat sealing, automatic cutting, CIP washing;
  Features of the whole machine:
  On the basis of the traditional beverage machine, this machine has the function of ultraviolet sterilization cup membrane. The bottom of the machine is equipped with waste water collection and discharge tray,
  The CIP cleaning function also meets the requirements of the equipment.

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