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Pen automatic cartoning machine_pen cartoning video

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  Pen automatic cartoning machine is a standard automatic box loading machine in our company. Based on the needs of domestic and foreign customers, it is improved and upgraded in combination with its use suggestions and humanization. The difficulty of the automatic packing machine is that there is a hook on the cover of the pen, and the size of both ends of the pen is not the same, which makes it difficult to automatically push materials into the box. Through many years of research and experience in cartoning machine, our factory solved the problem of pen sticking and missing when the signature pen was automatically pushed into the box. The automatic packing of the signing pen was successfully completed and the hands were released.
  It can be used for automatic packing of paper box, paper box, medicine box, etc.
pen cartoning machine
  Video of pen cartoning machine:
  Machine parameters:
  Sealing form: inserting and sealing
  Packing speed: 30 boxes / M (adjustable)
  Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz
  Power consumption: 1.2kW
  Air pressure: 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa
  Air consumption: < 8m? / h
  Weight: about 1.2t
  External dimension: l × w × h 3700 mm * 1700mm * 1630 mm

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